Jigsaw Biscornu cover button



See that button there in the middle of my Jigsaw biscornu? I recently had someone ask me a question as to how I did it, so I thought I’d post the answer here.

This is the chart for the motif on the button:


This design should be stitched over one on a piece of the same fabric as used for the biscornu and using 1 strand of a coordinating colour of thread. The centre stitch is a full cross stitch, the others can be half crosses.

There’s some information on over-one stitching on this page here –

To finish it off as a cover button, you can have a look at the tutorials on these sites –

There are also instructions on making a biscornu here –

When others have done such a great job putting together all this fantastic information, I don’t believe that’s necessary for me to go back to the beginning and do it myself too! I’d be interested to know what others think of this approach.

I think I might need to make a Stitching Dictionary too to keep these links together and organised!


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