Crochet that looks like knitting

Deramores, the online knitting and crochet shop, is currently having a competition.  They’ve teamed up with six crochet and knitting bloggers to identify 6 trends for this year.  The idea is that we have to blog out take on these themes for a chance to win a massive amount of yarn!

Deramores Blog Competition Deramores Blog Competition

Well, I can’t resist this sort of challenge, so over the last few weeks I’ve been busily crocheting away making thinks to fit some of these trends. Now, all the things I’ve made use several of these trends, but according to the rules of the competition, each entry must only contain one trend. Fortunately, you can enter more than once. This is my first entry.

Wink (aka Marinke Slump) over at a creative being has identified crochet that looks like knitting as her trend.

I hadn’t tried this technique before, but as I’ve said, I do love a challenge!

.Crochet that looks like knitting

This is what I’ve come up with. I rummaged around in my stash and came up with every shade of blue I could find, but it needed the yellow and orange to really make it pop!

Wink describes the technique as using “the half double crochet stitch, through the infamous third loop, to make the v’s that normally lie on top of the stitch come forward“. It certainly makes for an interesting texture and the fabric I’ve made is wonderfully soft and squishy!

Crochet that looks like knitting

I suspect that the star shape doesn’t take full advantage of the stitch pattern yet. However, it does emphasise the star at the centre. Add more rounds and the ‘knitted’ texture will stand out even more.It’ll also will make a wonderfully soft and cozy blanket.

Crochet that looks like knitting Crochet that looks like knitting Crochet that looks like knitting Crochet that looks like knitting

This post is my submission to the Deramores Craft Blog Competition 2015. Deramores is the UK’s number one online retailer of knitting and crochet supplies. Visit for more details.


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