What’s in a name?

What does into naming a design? I’d be really interested to know how designers approach this.

For me, this is the part of designing that I find most difficult. Often I really struggle.

Of course, there are occasional designs that have been inspired by things I’ve seen elsewhere (usually online). Here is an image of a Flying Swallows quilt block pattern.


My take on it? My Flying Stars biscornu. And the name of my biscornu follows on from the name of the quilt block.


That one was easy!

Quakerish wasn’t too hard either – it’s based around a Quaker motif.

quakerish Quaker_Motifs_01

But other designs, like my Jigsaw biscornu, are a nightmare to name! (I’m still not sure that Jigsaw is right.) I can hardly believe how difficult it is!

And when it came to naming my Etsy shop, well, that took months to find just the right name! At least, once I had the right name for Etsy, then the blog name followed from there (thank goodness!).

I wonder if other designers struggle like this to name their designs? Etsy shop owners naming their shops? Or bloggers naming their blogs?

At least I found it easy to name my children! And thankfully I still love their names!


References – thought it would be neater to put these at the end!

  1. Flying Swallows image from http://www.earlywomenmasters.net/quilts/s/swallows/index.html
  2. Quaker motif from http://www.needlenthread.com/2010/10/developing-a-spot-sampler-add-a-quaker-motif.html

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