Continuous biscornus

I love making biscornus. There’s something especially satisfying about it. (And it doesn’t take too long!) And I’m always on the look-out for new and interesting biscornu patterns.

I also love puzzles and solving logic puzzles, although that doesn’t mean that I’m good at it! To me, a biscornu is almost a kind of stitched puzzle in the way the two sides fit together.

But one thing that sometimes frustrates me about biscornus is that the stitched top and bottom are completely separate. Now, that might be fine if you want highlight particular design elements on the top or bottom, but it means that the side and the seam are completely ignored!

Why should the design stop when it comes to the seam? Why can the seam not be an integral part of the design?

I call my solution Continuous Biscornus. So far, I have designed two.

Jigsaw biscornu Jigsaw biscornu Jigsaw biscornu

This is my Jigsaw biscornu, my first continuous biscornu.In these photos you can see how the design from the top continues over the seam to the bottom of the biscornu.

This next one is called African Flower, after the crochet motif of the same name. You can see how the pattern comes together over the seam.

Continuous Biscornu no. 2

They’re great fun to make – my biscornu obsession is not over yet! The patterns for these two are available in my Etsy shop. And I can see more continuous biscornus in my future!


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